Original Delphin Swim Discs 
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Worldwide Patented

Swimming Learning System

Made in Germany

3 .. 2 .. 1 .. I can swim!

What are these swim discs actually good for?

3, 2 or 1 discs can be worn on each arm depending on swimming ability.

The discs can gradually be removed as soon as your child gets better at swimming.

  • Three swim discs per arm will give your child plenty of buoyancy for the first swimming attempts; your child will be able to float effortlessly on the surface of the water.

  • Two swim discs per arm for advanced swimmers.

  • One swim disc per arm is used for endurance training or provides extra safety for example at sea.

The transition to swimming "without armbands" is thus made easier!

The safest and easiest way to learn how to swim!

This swimming aid has been developed and tested by swimming trainers with years and years of experience. 

Safe swimming aid that will fit the arms of any child. The safest and easiest way to learn how to swim! This swimming aid has been developed and tested by swimming trainers with years and years of experience.

Swimming learning system 


3, 2 or 1 discs can be worn on each arm depending on swimming ability.


Once the child feels relatively safe in the water and starts making the first swimming motions, you can take off one disc per arm as a “reward“. The next step should be switching from two discs per arm to just one.


This system has a clever psychological effect and with some patience and feeling by parents the child should soon learn to swim without any swimming aids at all. The child is given the opportunity to be independent and can thus decide by when he or she wants to start to “swim freely". 1 or 2 discs per arm increase safety for unconfident swimmers at the seaside.

Children should never be left alone without adult supervision.

  • Safety 


    • Safer than inflatable armbands, no functional failure when damaged

    • No toxic plasticizers, no phthalates, no naphthalene

    • Approved by the TÜV-GS (German Safety Board for Technical Appliances) and EU certified!

    • This is the only single arm swimming aid that was voted “good" in ÖKO-TEST (German magazine for ecological products).

      Test result on www.oekotest.de 

    • Product Certificates by TÜV Rheinland: http://www.certipedia.com/quality_marks/0000006516


    Certificate TypeCertificate NumberModel Designation

    GS-Mark ApprovalS 60103188SUPER EXTRA

    Product Info: Suitable for ages 0 to 12 years for up to 60 kg

    • High-quality product made in Germany

    • Flexible swimming aid system rewards children as they improve

      • Ready to use straight away, no inflating necessary

      • No loss of buoyancy through punctures thanks to closed cell foam structure

      • Soft, skin-friendly polyethylene foam

      • Lightweight and easy to put together and take apart thanks to toggles and holes.

      • Provide free, unobstructed movement of arms and body thanks to concentric, flexible armholes.

      • Easy to put on and take off

      • How many discs are in a set?

      • In a set there are 6 discs for babies and children, 3 for each arm.

      • Delphin Swim Discs for adults consists of 4 discs, 2 for each arm.

      • Return and Refund Policy 


      • We want you to be totally satisfied with anything that you purchase from www.delphinswimmingdisc.com website. Therefore if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return the discs to us in its original packiging within 14 days of the date of receipt for a refund.


      • Please note that these return guidelines only apply to products purchased on the above website. We cannot accept returns of product purchased elsewhere.


      • In order to return your order by post, please use the pre-printed returns label included in the package. Please note that as we do not accept any liability for items that are mislaid whilst in transit; we highly recommend that any parcels returned to us are sent via registered post and that you retain your receipt until you have received your refund.


      • Please return your purchase to us in its original packaging with any related accessories or instruction booklets, and the relevant receipt and despatch note. Any refund will be made to the card used when placing your order. Your refund will be processed within 14 days following receipt of your returned product.


      • Please also note that you will be responsible for the costs of returning an item under this 14 Day Returns Guarantee unless you are returning faulty, damaged or goods sent incorrectly by us in which case we will refund your postage costs upon verification.

    • Manual for the Delphin Swim Discs:    https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ad24df_fe4200b706ed4c90b82e1097095e36ad.pdf


First I met Delphin Swim Discs at the University of Physical Education in Budapest 

where I studied how to train children to swim. The discs were recommended me by my instructor who had already used this excellent swimming aid for several years. 

As a swimming coach I have used the discs for more than 4 years and I have to say that 

children really LOVE it!

I can use it with different age groups as I can put on or take off one or two discs depending on the swimming level of the children. It improves the sense of balance and it is absolutely safe. 

Delphin Swim Discs also give the chance for children with physical disabilities to enjoy the beneficial effects of swimming.

This is a very durable and excellent product. My students use  the Delphin Swim Discs almost every day still I do not have to replace them for several years.

Mrs Rita Pesuth

Swimming Coach

6-time world champion in kickboxing

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